Genoa is very easy to reach with the different means of trasport


Genoa is the connection and sorting point for the three main motorways that connect the city to the west to the French coast (A10), to the north to the Po Valley (A7 and A26) and to the east to the Tyrrhenian coast of central Italy (A12).A 15 Parma - Spezia
A 10 (E 80) Ventimiglia - Genova
A 12 (E 80) Livorno - Genova
A 7 (E 25) Milano - Genova
A 6 (E 717) Torino - Savona
A 26 Alessandria - Genova

Airpl ane

International Airport "Cristoforo Colombo" (see:,


The city has two main passenger stations: Genova Brignole, for the central-eastern area, and Genova Principe, for the central-western area, and both efficiently serve the strategic areas of the city. For informations on trains and timetable you can visit


The Port of Genoa (sito internet: is one one the most inportant in the mediterran sea.There are daily line service with
Sardegna, Sicilia e Corsica.

Exibitors Informations

This Section is reserved to people who want to partecipate to the Genoa mineral show as exibithors. This section will be updated with the lastest organization information available

Minerals, fossils, rough stones, meteorites, gems, precious stones, polished collectors’ stones, jewellery with stones, décor, stone-presents, shells, coral, machines, geological equipment, specialist literature and collectors’ accessory tools

.....Rules for the exhibitor
Art. 1- Objects admitted are natural and polished minerals, cut stones, fossils and shells, scientific equipment, books, magazines and publications on mineralogical matter, articles of jewelry. The partecipants have to comply with such regulations or will be expelled. Fossils of Italian provenance are absolutely not admitted (Law n°1089, 1 June 1939)

Art. 2-Every sample must have indicated the name and the place of origin. Repaired samples must be evidenced.

Art. 3-Missing the use of reserved tables doesn't imply any reimbursement. The tables that won't be occupied without previous advice before 11,30 a.m.of Saturday May 31, will be reassigned . Lamps have to be conformed to the normative EEC and in conformity with the Italian rules on safety

Art. 4-Bookings without payment will not be considered valid.

Art. 5-It is mandatory for all the Exhibitors to respect the opening and closing schedules of the exhibition .

Art. 6-The Organization doesn't take any responsibility for damages caused to people or things, from whoever or however provoked.; it also declines every responsibility for the natural events .

Art. 7-In case the Show will have to be cancelled for any cause not depending from the organization, the responsibility will be solely limited to the reimbursement of the cost of the tables.

Art. 8-In case the Show will have to be suspended because of unexpected events, the Organization is not obliged to return the fees paid for the tables .

Art. 9-The Organization reserves the right to derogate from the present regulations ,should there be any reason necessary for the show . Such new norms will have the same validity of those of the present regulations and their observance is mandatory.

Art. 10-The Organization elects his registered office in Gavi, Via Mameli 56, (Alessandria) in case of controversy of any nature.

Art. 11-The Organization declines any responsibility for the possible non-compliance of the exhibitors of the current laws in juridical and fiscal matter.

Art. 12-The Exhibitor, signing the booking form, oblige himself to integrally comply with the present Regulations

....Services and fares
The exhibitor can book the following

Table  ( 1,60 x 0,80 meters) inside the Congress area of Magazzini del Cotone - Pad. 7; the position will be defined by the organization and will be comunicated at the exhibitor after the booking deadline
Prices :
140 Euro without TAX each table for Minerals, Fossils,Shells,Books , Gems,Jewelry,Bijoux.
10 Euro for Risk Assurance for each exhibitor
Electric Plug is included in the cost of the table

Loading - unloading will be allowed outside the exhibition area . Cars are not admitted inside the building .There will be special fares for Exhibitors car parking

....setup hours
The show will open for setup :

Friday , May 2-  2014  -   3 pm
Saturday , May 3-  2014  -   8:00 am
Sunday, May 4 - 2014 -  9:00 am

....application form
The exhibitor application form should be sent   by mail or e-mail ( see the online form)   within  April  30 - 2014 . Payment should be done with  Bank transfer  or International money order to

Webminerals S.A.S.
C.P. 24  - 15069  Serravalle Scrivia (AL)

It is also possible to pay with credit card or bank draft  email us for instruction

The organization will confirm your booking upon payment receivement advertizing
The exhibition will broadly be publicized on specialist magazines, newspapers and local radio, personnel invitations and in our affiliated websites, . The exhibition will also be publicized in other mineralogical exhibitions, among the others, : Turin, Munich, Lion, Rome, Bologna, Verona

....Hotels Suggested
just see here

...for more information
you can contact us :


Phone:     Giovanni Signorelli - +39 339 1444973 ( - English spoken)
               Giuseppe Tannoia  - tel. +39 335 7160132 ( -English. spoken)

Fax:.  +39 0143 65936


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